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Friday, April 13, 2012

This blog is moving!

Thank you to everyone who has viewed this blog over the years.  In an attempt to consolidate my scattered internet presence, I am moving this travel blog to woodswomanabroad.com.

All current and past posts from this site have also been transferred to the woodswomanabroad.com website, though a bit of the format leaves something to be desired. 

France Women 2012 begins on May 4, and I invite you to follow us in Provence and Paris for a bit more than two weeks.  We'll stay in a beautiful St. Roch villa in Robion, venturing out on day trips to wineries, hill towns, open markets, the French Riviera.  Chef Ronald will prepare our meal one night at the villa, and of course anything one eats in France is delicious!  In Paris, our extra treat is seeing James Taylor in concert at L'Olympia, near the Opera House.

So come along to the website, hosted by Wordpress, and I'll attempt to paint word pictures of our trip that convey even a sliver of what we are experiencing . . . so follow us.

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